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Directorate for Public Works

Published date: 13.03.2006 13:46 | Author: O Direkciji

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In accordance with the Regulation on the Organization and Method of Operation of the State Administration Art. 41 (Off. Gazette of RoM No. 54/04), the Directorate for Public Works shall perform the tasks relating to: expert tasks on construction and reconstruction of primary technical infrastructure facilities, facilities of state authorities, health care, education, culture and sport, complexes and facilities at the attractive tourist locations and other facilities of public interest which construction is financed by the Republic and are related to the preliminary and preparatory works, studies, research activities and investment programs, giving expert appraisal on documentation related to decision making on investments, obtaining decisions on location and urban and technical conditions for particular facilities; drafting and technical control of technical documentation, obtaining the agreements and licenses for construction; public announcement and implementation of works assignment procedure, conclusion of construction contracts; expert supervision and quality control of implemented works, installed materials and equipment; technical inspection, acceptance of implemented works, obtaining licenses for facility utilization, record keeping, payments and financial expenditure control as well as other activities included in the Directorates competency.