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Ask The Ministry

Dear friends,

Welcome to the web portal of the Directorate of Public Works. Allow me to briefly introduce this important state institution.

Directorate of Public Works was established by the Decision of the Government of Montenegro at the session held on 23 July 1992. The same decision established the jurisdiction and regulated other issues important for its work.

From the very beginning until today, and in accordance with maturation the idea of renovation of statehood and the final establishment of Montenegro as an independent state, spektar activities that are the responsibility of the Directorate of Public Works has been changed,. Today Directorate carries out technical activities related to construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and renovation of primary technical infrastructure, buildings of state authorities, health, education, culture and sports, then complexes and buildings in attractive tourist locations and other facilities which are financed by the state. The above mentioned works are related to: the preliminary and preparatory works, studies, research works and investment programs, expert assessment of documentation for making investment decisions, obtaining the decision on location and urban-technical conditions, production and technical control of technical documentation, obtaining approvals and construction permit. Besides, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Works is conducting advertising and public cession procedure including the contracting , quality control of performed works, used materials and the equipment, acceptance of works and obtaining use permits, records, financial control and other activities that are within its jurisdiction.

Since the establishment until today, the Directorate of Public Works has participated in the construction, reconstruction and adaptation of:

• residential buildings with a total area of 61.000m²,
• sports buildings with a total area of 46.500m²,
• Education objects totaling approximately 109.000m²,
• Health objects totaling approximately 45.500m²,
• cultural facilities totaling approximately 22.000,
• space for the work of state institutions totaling approximately 60.000m²,
• objects for social care of the total area of 7.000m².

Within the project of environmental protection the following projects were realized:
• construction of facilities for waste water,
• construction of recycling yards and transfer stations at Zabljak,
• rehabilitation of 19ha tailings impoundment of lead and zinc in Mojkovac.

We can be proud with the implementation of 29 km of main roads, blown-over 4,100 m of tunnels, built six road bridges and two pedestrian bridges over 40km of water and sewage networks, 9 border crossings, as well as other infrastructural facilities whose construction was financed by the state.

We have implemented the project of Emergency and repair of consequences of floods in 2010.

Directorate of Public Works was accredited as Implementing Authority for the implementation of projects in the area of environment and transport, covered by the Operational Programme IPA III "Regional Development".

Implementation of Joint Regional Program related to permanent solutions for refugees and displaced persons (RHP) is also in progress.

Directorate of Public Works has been recognized as a unit for the implementation of the project of construction and reconstruction of several kindergartens which are financed through the loan arrangement with Development Bank of the Council of Europe (CEB).

Therefore , the Directorate of Public Works represents an important state institution that is ready and able to respond with high quality and fast implementation of all infrastructure requests of public interest and thereby, through the quality and distinctive infrastructure projects concretely shows a tendency of the state to create more quality living conditions for all its citizens.

After all we leave you to get yourself through the data, which can be found on this website or get directly in touch with us, make the commitment of employees in achieving these goals.